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We cannot wait to serve you our products and services. By calling us, we can help you decide for your full service catering, small party catering, as we also offer quality event catering service. You may also call us to reserve the best focaccia in Doncaster East.

So, whether it is the best cafe in Melbourne or catering company that you are looking for, we are here to happily give them both to you. Hurry up and call us now!

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15 Rosella Street Doncaster East 3109 Victoria Australia


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Why Choose Tasty Morsels Cafe and Catering?

All the products served to every customer came from the delicatessens in Melbourne to ensure the quality and freshness of each ingredient.

What is the available food for catering?

For catering services, we offer food in different categories or servings, such as By the tray, buffet, or corporate. There is also finger food and sweet items that are good for meetings and casual dining.

Do you offer food delivery?

Yes, we do. You can call us or send an email so we can discuss how our food would reach your table.

Why did the owner establish Tasty Morsels Cafe and Catering?

The owners decided to put up a business to provide affordable homemade food.

Do you serve drinks?

Yes we do, for more information about the drinks we offer you can head over to the “drink” tab or click here.

What is the process of ordering food in your company?

There are five stages that your query will undergo. But the first two steps are the most important since it will start on your end. First step is to view all our menu and pick what you want to order. Second, call us or send an email for your orders and the rest will follow.